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~What's new :~Sept. 2nd~

Site Stuff: Yeah, I'm not all moved yet. And if you noticed, some of the videos seem to be gone and probably all of the ones that are up don't work. I am having some problems, with all this moving and stuff and I think I deleted all of them. I promise it will be up and running soon.
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Plug-ins: My fics can be found on schurry's site. So if you want to read them my pen name is ChrissyP47. Visit my site designer, Linzee.

OT Update: School. ::grumble::

"Scarlet your eyes, cover your face...." ~~"Eggplant," Train

It's all mine, mine I tell you!! MIIIIINE!!!

Umm...or not. It's not mine. I don't own any of it. Except the eggplants. I claim them. So there. All programs in here are copyright their individual owners, respectively. All the actors (I hope) belong to themselves. No infringement intended. Sue, and all you'll get is eggplant on your face. :-p

All Eggplant lyrics belong to Train - though sometimes I wonder if they should be admitting that. ;-) All original material by Piper, not to be used without permission. Eggplant design by Linzee.